How Tasty Energy Was Born

My name is Chris Bogdan, and I started Get Up and Go when I was a junior at University of Michigan. I consistently spent $6-7 a day on coffee and a baked good at a coffee shop every day, and realized that there had to be something better.

Coffee and energy drinks are great, but you’re still hungry after drinking them! I wanted to create a gourmet product made with natural caffeine, but which also hit two birds with one stone; my coffee and baked good in one product.

After experimenting for several months, I gave my friends some caffeinated muffins when I visited University of Maryland over winter break.  They said that 'this is awesome and you need to sell this.'  So I did.

We’re currently the only company in the United States selling naturally caffeinated baked goods, and caffeinated baked goods in general. We have perfected a way to mask the taste of the caffeine, and have a variety of delicious products which will save you money, time, and which are also fun to eat! 

Our goal is to create products with natural ingredients which stimulate our consciousness, spread positive vibes, and save you money.