Q. Do your products have that nasty caffeine taste?

No Way! We use patented technology and tools to make sure that flavor and energy are the #1 priority.

Q. Do your products taste like coffee?

Not unless we tell you that it's made with coffee or cold-brew coffee. The products with no coffee taste, have ZERO Coffee and ENERGY taste as shown on each package.

Q. Do they work?

Yes! Of course the product works, otherwise, we would not feel comfortable selling it. Chew it up, and begin to feel the smooth, tingly sensation of tasty energy!

Q. What makes it special?

Our products taste really great, unlike the majority of energy drinks and products on the market. Our special blend of natural energy, and the essential b-vitamins, and other essential brain nutrients help you power through the day, the tasty way.

Q. Do they make you jittery?

We believe in keeping things smooth. The energy is smooth, and optimally released to ensure you don't get too wired.

Q. Will it stain my teeth?

Our products keep your teeth happy, and will not leave stains like coffee.