Ever since the beginning, we wanted to make something that not only picked you up but tasted great as well. We discovered that the best way to achieve this was to find and use only the best ingredients. Most businesses are always looking to cut costs at the expense of the final product. Not here - no way!

  • No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives
  • Energy from green tea-> green tea icon
  • B-vitamins for a healthy brain and body function B6 + B12, and just the right amount, not 20,000%
  • Alpha-GPC-> Naturally found in spinach, and found to help capture mental performance, and heighten your game. Naturally sourced.
  • Designed by Neuroscientists, and people who want you to succeed
  • Boost your mental endurance, with a tasty source of energy.
  • Work longer and harder-> Our products are designed to power you for up to 300+ minutes
  • Our energy is sustained-> It’s released and then smoothed out. It’s smooth and cool, really cool, without any jitters. Chew it up, and wait 15 minutes to feel the stimulation.
  • Panax ginseng is the finest Korean ginseng in the world. We don’t fuck around with quality, and you better believe it’s good. (low dose for taste)
  • No damn taurine, no damn BS. We’re all game here boys and girls.